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The student visa application process can be a complex and overwhelming experience for international students. However, with the right student visa services, you can ensure a smoother and more successful application process. Here are our offerings for student visa services that every international student should be aware of

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A comprehensive student visa service can significantly enhance your international education experience by providing expert guidance, support, and resources throughout your journey. By taking advantage of BrainlabsAi’s offerings, you can navigate the complex visa process and set yourself up for success in your studies abroad.

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    The overall cost will ultimately depend on a variety of factors including your destination city, cost of living, personal expenses, the fees charged by your university, additional costs like insurance etc. There are many state universities which offer quality education at marginal costs compared to private universities. Many of these courses may be within your budget; make sure to ask the consultant about price comparison between various universities.

    Many universities don’t recognize degrees conferred by Indian institutes. One should always make sure that the college accepts your educational degrees and you are not required to take any bridge course to be eligible for the course. Also the universities abroad change marks to GPA. The minimum GPA usually varies between 2.50 to 3.0, while more competitive programs and premier colleges require GPA between 3.0 to 4.0. Make sure you are aware how this conversion is being done.

    The colleges abroad have different requirements that prospective students need to fulfill. You will have to submit letters of recommendation, statement of purpose or some on-job work experience might also be required. Since the requirements of all the courses are different, you will have to customize your application accordingly. Be clear from the beginning about what documents need to be submitted.

    There are many scholarships funded by the college and independent corporations for international students to enable them to study without worrying about the costs incurred. If you are eligible for such scholarships you should ask the consultant beforehand. Many scholarships require you to sit for an entrance test and for some scholarships your application is automatically considered. So in case any additional preparation is required, you should know the details and complete information.

    Many times the students are not clear about what their student visa will permit them to do once the course is over; can they stay back for a few more months or do they need to take flight back home immediately. At the research stage, your consultant should give you a clear idea about your student visa and its regulations. If you are allowed to work for a particular hour then the consultant should mention it to you and tell you about the legal consequences if you don’t follow those. The idea is to have clear expectations about job opportunities before starting the course.

    This is one of the most important questions to ask a study abroad advisor. This is because being prepared is always required before applying for a study course abroad. This gives a person more time to do the groundwork and research about the timeline in which the universities accept applications. Asking this question from a study abroad consultant will help in getting a person through the required preliminary application process.

    One of the questions to ask your study abroad consultants is the list of countries that offer benefits to foreign students. Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK are some of the countries that have many Indian students. Nowadays, Germany, France, and Singapore are also chosen by foreign students for higher studies. Note that the decision to choose the country in which a student wants to follow their academic pursuits will depend on the availability of courses and other factors like the cost of studying, living expenses, and university rules and regulations.

    This is one of the important questions for which you should have clarity. Many students wait for the completion of their degrees or the end of the academic year before applying to a university abroad, thereby losing a whole intake of the university. Universities abroad usually follow spring-summer-fall intake.

    Before starting to ask any other study abroad questions from your consultants, it is advised to ask first about the academic year of the university. The universities have varied academic years. So, confirm this before filling out the application form to study abroad.

    There are some points to consider before planning to study abroad. Some of the questions to ask a study abroad advisor are the availability of course, total fees and expenditures, scholarships, visa rules, placement and job opportunities.

    Many times courses may need additional validation to be accepted in any country. The terms and conditions for courses vary from country to country. One of the questions to ask your study abroad consultants is what are the rules pertaining to your particular course.

    This is one of the common study abroad frequently asked questions. However, the answer to this question solely depends on academic performance. However, a CV with an abroad education might impress an employer. An employer knows that if you have studied abroad, you must have additional skills and exposure.

    Another common question about studying abroad is whether a student can work while studying or not. Many countries allow students to do part-time work while studying. Many foreign students opt for part-time jobs in order to take care of living expenses in a foreign country.

    You can ask your study abroad advisor about the documents required to apply to the universities abroad. Some of the basic documents that are needed are: birth certificate, academic transcripts, student visa, passport, proof of funds, letter of recommendation, resume, etc.

    Every university and country has different conditions when it comes to student accommodations. Some universities offer mandatory student living, while others may allow students to live off-campus. Study abroad consultants also help students to know the available options to live. Therefore, this should be one of the most important questions to ask your study abroad consultants.